Interview with VTV4 on “The situation of German Companies in times of COVID-19”

Dear Members and Friends,

The Vietnamese Broadcaster VTV4 has invited the GBA to be featured in a story on Vietnam’s capability to recover its economy after the Covid-19 pandemic ends.
Therefore, our Chairman, Mr. Erik Petermoeller was interviewed on the perspectives following COVID-19, as well as on the example of German Companies in dealing with the situation.
This interview gave us the opportunity to share the situation of German Companies here in Vietnam. Also, our GBA Member Prof. Dr. Andreas Stoffers was interviewed on the topic individually.


We are happy to share with you, that the interview of our GBA Chairman with Vietnam Television-VTV4 on “The situation of German Companies in times of COVID-19” aired on friday, 17. of April in the Vietnamese Version at 9 PM on VTV4 and in the English Version the next day, 8 AM.

Due to its high relevance, it also was send in the evening news of VTV1, 7 PM on Sunday, 19. April.


If you want to watch the Interview, please click here:

>>> English Version <<<

>>> Vietnamese Version <<<


In preparation of the Interview, a Flash Survey revealed insights on the situation of German Companies in Vietnam right now (14.-15. April 2020, send to Members only).

If you are interested in the results, please >>> download <<< the slides.