Information on the Coronavirus

Dear Members and friends,

latest, since the Vietnamese Government has classified the Coronavirus infection a “class A infectious disease of global emergency” and shut the schools for the whole week after the Tet holidays, most of us face the effects of the disease not only in Business, but also in private, everyday life. Business operations with Chinese colleagues and partners are paused, the economic impact is already noticiable.

But before everything else, maintaining our health is a priority unmatched. Some organizations already asked their employees to stay at home for 14 days, if they had been to China during the past few weeks. Also, people are asked to stay at home if they develop any signs of respiratory diseases, even if it is a light coughing.

So we are asking everyone to stay informed, maintain a good hygiene in every situation and minimize risks. Try to have more meetings via Skype instead of Face-to-Face. Follow the instructions of the World Health Organization.

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Learn more about the Corona Virus here (WHO)